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Kind Or In-Kind?

October 19, 2011

Do we act kind to another or in-kind?  Is how we act towards another dictated by our giving drive or by the others action towards us.

If their action is kind and that motivates our in- kind, while that’s not the ultimate motivation, it’s still a good thing. What if their action is un-kind? Do we then respond kind or in-kind? Do we allow them to take us down or do we resist that instinct and remind ourselves that we can always elevate ourselves?

Consider it a test of your resolve to continually elevate yourself.  If we respond in-kind to an unkind, it’s a set back for us on our climb and we all lose. If we respond kind to an un-kind we elevate ourselves and perhaps influence the other.

 “Two people, two souls, synergize the best in both and overcome the least in each.” – Chassidic Adage

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