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Comparison Shopping

October 19, 2011

How many times, when you are having a period of struggle, do you find yourself saying it could be worse?  Or, how many times, when you share your struggle or pain with someone do they tell you that? It is said in an effort and an expectation that it will make you feel better.

Does comparison shopping for someone who is in a worse situation really make you feel better? Perhaps it will provide some temporary relief like taking an aspirin, but it doesn’t cure the ailment. Instead shop for something that will actually make things better.

Comparison shopping might give temporary relief but it does nothing to inspire you to do what’s necessary to improve your circumstances. In fact, it may do the opposite and inspire you to just accept your situation. Worse, it might just be feeding the ego by finding someone you are better than.

That seductive approach will make your circumstances worse by, if nothing else, prolonging it. If everything happens for a reason, then a part of the reason for the struggle is to find a way out and learn what you can from that process. It will make you stronger and prepare you for more lessons sure to come your way. Learning all these lessons, welcoming the challenges, will eventually lead you to the  person you are destined to become. That road leads to finding the true you.

The only value in being aware of others in worse situations is to remind you to be kind, compassionate, and for you to seek ways you can help.  When you help, you will then feel better.

Elevating yourself in all that you do will give you the strength and wisdom to help the others you found while shopping.

 “Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.” – Regina Brett

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