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“What I Felt From Above”

July 18, 2019

The story in this video moved me so much, that I must post it here and share it with you.

It is a beautiful, touching, and inspiring story of a true miracle, of faith, and true love of another human even if a stranger. A true example of “Love thy fellow as yourself”.  It touches on and in so many ways summarizes so much of the overall message of this site.


“I saved your body, but you saved my soul”

Muawia Kabha an Israeli Arab medic volunteer with United Hatzalah

 Be Good Do Good Think Good

Happy Days Of Independence 2019

July 3, 2019

On this Fourth of July 2019, we will have been blessed with and enjoyed 243 years or 88,753 days of independence since the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776.  It said;

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. 

The founding of America was a novel idea in building a nation based on individual rights and freedom. Without these rights and freedom we could not pursue our dreams and our individual purpose. Something to be eternally grateful for!  

We were created with Free Will.  The USA was created to be a land that gave us the opportunity to express our Free Will.  With the freedom of Free Will, we can choose to elevate ourselves and become the person we were created to be.  A person who follows “Love your fellow as yourself” (Leviticus 19;18).  When we use that freedom to be who we are meant to be, to fulfill our unique purpose, America will be all that it’s meant to be and what it was created for. 

To have that freedom to pursue and become our true selves is indeed something to be thankful for.  That liberty should be celebrated everyday by using it for the good.  

May we cherish, be grateful for, and protect those freedoms for many, many more days and years.

 May we use our freedom to fulfill our greatest human potential.

Watch this video of the amazing rendition of the National Anthem by this beautiful seven year old girl 



G-d Bless America

A Life Worth Saving

June 25, 2019

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been yet the youngest you’ll ever be again” – Eleanor Roosevelt

So what do you do with today?  How do you treat today?  Is it just another day to cross off the calendar, or a day filled with purpose, your purpose.  Is It a day that brings you closer to the human being you were destined and created to become by what you do with today.

Think about this story* as you consider how to use each day in your life.

There was a very wealthy man who lived a in large mansion.  One day when he was home a fire broke out.  The fire department showed up and a fireman when in to save the homeowner.  He carried him out to safety.  The wealthy man was very thankful and said, “I am a very wealthy man and would like to give you a reward.  Anything you want, name it”.  The fireman said he was glad to have helped and a reward was not necessary.  The wealthy man insisted, until finally the fireman said, “If you want to do something, live a life worth saving”.


What is a “life worth saving”?

What does a “life worth saving” mean to you?  Do you think you are presently living a “life worth saving”?

Be Good Do Good Think Good

*Adapted from a story in the book Hayom Yom

“Oh! My Papa”*

June 16, 2019

Happy Fathers Day

On this Fathers Day, I wish to honor my Father (obm) and re-post this piece I put out once before

Sam Fox, My Father, A Holocaust Survivor

1924 – 2015

I wish to share with you some of the many lessons I was privileged to learn from my Father.  May these lessons inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

When asked by my Brother, “What is the secret to a successful and happy life?”, despite having experienced the Holocaust, in which he lost his parents and five siblings….despite then sitting in a wheelchair because of a paralyzing stroke….. despite that his wife, my Mother, was dying in the other room…..He said

“In life some people have it easy and make it hard and some people have it hard and make it easy” 

The value of charity

“When I first came to America I had nothing, yet I always gave to charity. When I did, it always made me feel rich.” – from an acceptance speech upon receiving an award 

The value of the pursuit of good

“The pursuit of the good is the noblest of character builders and one of the sources of true gratification”.  There are other things in life besides self-interest.  Personal involvement in others challenges, in community affairs are the greatest sources of personal achievement and success.  Too many people refuse to understand what it means to be involved and to help others.  They are truly missing something.  There is nothing as gratifying and self-fulfilling as helping others.  Why don’t you try it?  If you do, I can assure you that you will arrive at a similar conclusion.  Try it, you will like it”. – from another acceptance speech upon receiving an award 

These were just some of his words.  The valuable lessons learned by all who had the privilege of knowing him, came from watching him turn those words into deeds.

*Listen to Eddie Fisher’s beautiful song


Be Good Do Good Think Good

Diamonds Everywhere

June 4, 2019

In a previous post, “How Valuable Are You?“, the final line from the Grandfather, was a powerful summary.  It said, “May you value the diamond in yourself and recognize the diamond in others as well.”

To “see the diamond in others” starts with believing that you are a diamond.  Then believing that just like you,  we all are.  We are all unique, original, and the only one of a kind in this universe.

Just as it might be difficult to see the diamond in ourselves, it’s even more difficult to see it in others.  To see it in others requires being open to seeing things from their perspective, not yours.  As the expression goes “walk a mile in their shoes”.  It may be difficult to see from their perspective, since we haven’t or can’t walk in their shoes, so we must be open to the idea that their is one.  To be open is to be empathetic.  It means having a listening heart.

“We don’t always see things as they are, we see things as we are” – Anais Nin

We are all diamonds.  Some start out more polished than others and some less so.  To reach the top of our mountain requires continually polishing and refining.  In recognizing that there is another perspective, theirs, will lead us to help them see their diamond and inspire them to polish theirs.

“Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.” – Thomas Browne

When the Lubavitcher Rebbe was asked how he could stand for hours receiving thousands waiting in line, he smiled gently and said,

“When you are counting diamonds, you don’t get tired.”

Watch this video for a good understanding of Empathy from Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski a Rabbi, Psychiatrist, founder of the Gateway Rehabilitation Center

On This Memorial Day

May 27, 2019

As we exercise our freedoms, without which we couldn’t enjoy the activities of this day, without which you couldn’t be you, let us take a moment to honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to attain and preserve our precious gift of freedom.  In cherishing their memory, we remember to cherish our freedom.

The fallen understood this:

“Liberty is one of the most precious gifts heaven has bestowed upon man. No treasures the earth contains or the sea conceals can be compared to it. For liberty one can rightfully risk one’s life”. —Don Quixote

“When you know what you are willing to die for, then you will know what to live for”. — Jewish saying

Certainly something to be grateful for

 Be Good Do Good Think Good

How Valuable Are You?

May 23, 2019

How valuable are you?

What is the value of your life?

Do you let others determine your value?

Another story* of  Grandfatherly advice  

“A little boy went to his grandfather and asked him, “What is the value of life grandfather?”

The grandfather gave him a stone and said, “First I want you to find out the value of this stone, but don’t sell it.”

The boy took the stone to a fruit vendor and asked him what its value would be.

The vendor saw the shiny stone and said, “How about you can take a dozen apples and give me the stone.”

The boy apologized and said that his grandfather had asked him not to sell it.

He went ahead and found a vegetable vendor.

“What could be the value of this stone?” he asked the vegetable vendor.

He saw the shiny stone and said, “How about you take a sack of potatoes and give me that stone.”

The boy again apologized and said he couldn’t sell it.

Further ahead, he went into a jewelry shop and asked the value of the stone.

The jeweler saw the stone under a lens and said, “I will give you one million dollars for this stone.”

The boy was surprised, but explained that he couldn’t sell the stone.

Further ahead, the boy saw a large shop of precious stones and asked the value of this stone.

When the precious stone shop owner was an expert in these matters. When he saw the stone, he lay down a cloth and put it on it.

Then he walked in circles around the stone and bent down and scratched his head in front of it. “From where did you bring this priceless uncut diamond from?” he asked.

“Even if I sell everything I own, my whole shop, I won’t be able to purchase this priceless diamond.”

Stunned and confused, the boy returned to his grandfather and told him what had happened.

His grandfather said,

“The answers you got from the fruit vendor, the vegetable vendor, the jeweler and the precious stone’s expert explain the value of your life.

You are a precious stone, even priceless, but, some people may value you based on their own limited perceptions, beliefs, motives and expectations.

For this reason it is important to value yourself. Respect yourself. No longer indulge in meaningless comparisons with others. For you are unique, original and the only one of your kind in this universe. This is the value of your life.”

May you value the diamond in yourself and recognize the diamond in others as well.”


Be Good Do Good Think Good

* I wish I knew the origin of this story so that I could give proper attribution

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