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Another New Beginning

January 9, 2018

As we begin another New Year, we make promises/resolutions to ourselves with an eye towards reaching our dreams and goals.

We begin the New Year with lots of enthusiasm towards reaching those dreams and goals.  Inevitably, for most, that enthusiasm wanes over time.

There are lots of new beginnings.  There is a new year, a new month, a new week, a new day, hour, minute……  Each new is another opportunity to reignite the enthusiasm you had at the beginning of the last new.  If we celebrate each new as another opportunity, we can renew that enthusiasm and keep it burning.  So cherish the new of every new and especially every moment.  With every new remind yourself of your dreams and goals.  With those reminders you will keep the enthusiasm in the present.

 “The beginning is embedded in the end, and the end is embedded in the beginning”. – Sefer Yetzirah 1:7

For a new beginning to truly be a new beginning means not being anchored to the past.  It is an opportunity to leave it behind.  Leave the past behind, except for remembering the lessons you learned and create the present……Enthusiastically!!

Now with all that enthusiasm, remember that it is the Doing!!  “Wishing and hoping… and planning and dreaming”*,  – “Won’t get you where you want to go”**.  It’s the doing that will get you the results.

“When all is said and done, a lot more is said than done”.  — Lou Holtz

Happy and Meaningful 2018

* from “Wishing and Hoping”,Dionne Warwick

** from “Words of Love”, the Mamas and Papas

Heart and Soul

Happy and Healthy New Year 2018

December 31, 2017

Healthy and Happy New Year!!

As we prepare for another new year, another new, another beginning, we look forward to all that we wish for.  The good that we wish for ourselves, is the good that we wish for others and vice-versa.

For this New Year, let’s do more than just wish.  Let’s plan on making this a “Happy New Year”.  Let’s make this the year where our deeds make our wishes reality.  A year where we tap into “all of our possibilities” and potential to be the human we are destined and created to be.

We have no control over what is sent our way.  To make it a happy year, let us focus on that which we do have control of; what we say and what we do.

All that we need and the world we all wish for is in our hands.

There is this story of a great old wise man, a seer, who was coming to a town to speak.  Many, many people waited with great anticipation for his arrival and then went to hear him speak.  Among them, was this one young and skeptical man, who went simply to challenge the wise man.  After the wise man spoke, there was a Q&A. When it was the young mans turn, he put out his cupped hands and asked the wise man what was in his hands. The wise man replied, “two little birds”, which was right. The young man was stunned, but he was still skeptical, so he asked whether they were dead or alive. The wise man knew that if he replied, “they’re dead”, the young man would open his hands and the birds would fly away. If he replied “they’re alive”, the young man would crush the birds in his hands. The wise man’s reply was

“the answer is all in your hands.”

Healthy and Happy 2018

Heart and Soul

Happy Day of Giving Thanks 2017

November 23, 2017

We so quickly and casually say “Happy Thanksgiving” that we often miss and forget that it’s a day for actually giving Thanks. Of course, so is every day and we begin everyday with Thanks.

What are you Thankful for?

Who are you Thankful for?  Thank them!

Thank You for being a friend of The Spinning Rabbi

Heart and Soul

“A Listening Heart”*

November 19, 2017

Here are two more  “Little Things Can Be Big Things” true stories, with the same message.

Dr.Viktor Frankl, who is very well-known for his compelling book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”* tells a very interesting story.  A patient (he was a psychiatrist) once phoned him in the middle of the night to tell him, that she was about to commit suicide. He spoke to her for two hours.  He gave her every reason to live that you can imagine giving. Finally, she said that she had changed her mind and would not commit suicide. The next time he saw her, he asked her which of the things he said convinced her to change her mind.  “None,” she replied. “Why then did you decide not to commit suicide?” She replied that the mere fact that someone cared enough to listen to her for two hours in the middle of the night was all that it took.

When King David was dying he appointed his son Solomon to be the heir to his throne.  Solomon was only twelve years old and as you can imagine, was quite anxious about becoming King.  G-d appeared to King Solomon in a dream (1 Kings 3: 9) and asked him what he would like to have as the King.  He could have asked for more treasure, a larger population to rule over, more territory to rule over, a greater army, etc.  The one and only thing Solomon asked for was a listening heart”

P.S. If you haven’t read this book, then consider it a homework assignment

* “An Oldie But Goodie”

Heart and Soul

Homeless Woman Or An Angel*

November 9, 2017

Here is a “Little Things Can Be Big Things” true story.  It’s the first of several that I promised to send in the last post.

This one is a true story about a stockbroker/financial advisor and a homeless woman.

Everyday a stockbroker, while walking from his office to the garage to get his car and go home, passed several homeless people looking for handouts. Sometimes he gave whatever change was in his pocket and sometimes he didn’t. He noticed that if the stock market had a bad day, he felt better when he gave. If the market had a good day, he felt even better when he gave.

One day he passed a woman seated on the ground on a blanket. For some reason she moved him more than all the others he had passed. He gave her some money and her “G-d bless you” and “thank you” seemed extra warm to him.  This really moved him and he thought about what he could do.

He didn’t like to carry change, so when he got home any change in his pocket he put away in a bag. That way, when he got dressed the next day he wouldn’t have any change to put in his pocket.

He thought about his bag of change at home, and promised himself to grab a handful every morning when he got dressed, to give that day.  It was usually a dollar something or more. He realized that if it sat in a bag it didn’t really mean much to him, but it would to someone else. That made his bag of change that didn’t mean much, mean a lot.

For the next several weeks, on his way to the garage that same woman was there and he gave her his handful. After a couple of days, he began to stop and talk to her for a moment. First they exchanged names. Then he asked about her situation and she asked about him. She had several debilitating physical ailments and she also did volunteer work at the homeless shelter that she stayed in.

One day she wasn’t there. For several weeks he didn’t see her and he wondered what had happened to her. While walking a couple of blocks east of his get to the garage route during lunch one day, he saw her. He went up to her and asked where she had been, how she was, and told her that he was worried about her. She said she had been hospitalized and was better now. She had moved spots because someone else took hers, she explained. She told him she missed him and how much she looked forward to his daily visits. He was very touched. He quickly approximated how much he might have given her had she been at the usual spot, and he reached in his pocket for bills and gave it to her.

He promised himself that he would walk those extra couple of blocks on his way to the garage everyday just to see her and give her the handful. This went on for a few months.

One day she said “You have no idea how much this means to me”. He was embarrassed, thinking to himself this is not a lot of money, walking here is easy, and I can give and do more. Grasping for words he mumbled “It’s not really a big deal”. She said to him “To me, it’s a very big deal that you come to see me every day”. He reflected on that thought for a long time and never forgot it.

Whatever our situation is, what matters most to us, is to know that we matter to someone. We matter to someone when we show someone that they matter.

She wasn’t there the next day, and the next day… she was gone and he never saw her again. Everyone that comes into our life , comes into it for a reason. His angel had come and taught him to reach further into his true giving self /soul and then she was gone.

Heart and Soul

*An “Oldie But Goodie” updated

Little Things Can Be Big Things

November 2, 2017

The last post, “I Wonder Why”, talked about our deep sadness over the suffering caused by tragedies on a mass scale.  It also talked about how we are inspired by the heroism and compassion shown by so many.  The question raised was, why does it require Big tragic events to bring out our best.

Big tragic events require Big responses.  What about the everyday struggles, suffering, and pain of so many.  Since it’s not happening on a Big scale, does that mean we can’t respond and help in some way?  A reader of the last post commented, correctly, that everyday and in the everyday, we can do “Little” things.

Consider that while what you do might seem “Little” to you, it may be Big to the recipient.

Here are some Little Things that can be Big Things:*

Always wear a smile

Make someone smile or laugh

Actually listen to the answer when you ask someone how they are and respond accordingly

tell someone who matters to you, that they do and how much

stay in touch and return phone calls, texts, emails……

Visit the sick


Give charity

In the next few posts, you will see true stories of what seemed Little that were indeed BIG!

Heart and Soul

* By using the comment box, Please share with me and the other readers what else you think belongs on this list

P.S. I wrote this as a reminder to you as well as to myself.



I Wonder Why?

October 26, 2017

The recent hurricanes, fires, and mass shooting in Las Vegas deeply saddened us all.  We are deeply saddened at the immense,pain, suffering and death of so many.

We were also heartened as we witnessed an outpouring of true love for a fellow human being.  The response during and after, showed us once again, the true human spirit.

So, so many, came forward to help in any way possible.  There was the courage and heroism of the first responders and medical personnel, who put their own needs aside and their lives at risk to save.  There were/are so many people locally and from elsewhere who stopped their lives to volunteer to help.  We’ve heard amazing and inspiring stories, seen stunning pictures, and videos of people helping people.

All those who lent a hand, did not care what the person in needs race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or immigration status…… was. They knew that those in danger and suffering were all children of G-d and that’s all that mattered!

So, I wonder why does it take natural disasters and tragedies to bring out our best?  Why, oh why, is our best not expressed enough, or more, everyday, and all the time??*

We all have it in us to serve and treat others with kindness and compassion, all the time.  Elevating others literally and figuratively, is one of the key elements in elevating ourselves on our climb.

Heart and Soul


*This question doesn’t apply to all the first responders and medical personnel who have dedicated their lives to helping all, all of the time, often at great risk to themselves

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