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No Surprises

June 28, 2011

An athlete in a competition or a day trader during market hours learns to respond to constant and continual changes. They train themselves for the high probability events, but can be undone by the surprises. It’s no surprise that there will be one, it’s only a surprise in its form.

The winners learn and train to be prepared for the “surprises”. “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…”. We can train for these surprises by being open to and constantly exposing ourselves to new stimuli. Neurologists have discovered that our brain can continually create new neural pathways. These discoveries remind us that our full potential remains ahead of us. Pretty exciting!

 “Some are so perfectly prepared for the expected that they are defeated by the unexpected”. – Rabbi Shraga Silverstein

 Part of Don’t Predict Your Future, Just Be Prepared For It series

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