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Grateful To Be A Witness

July 30, 2019

This is a story of a special moment that I recently witnessed while driving.

I was stopped at a red light in a left turn lane, with one car ahead of me.  Suddenly, an elderly man gets out of the front passenger seat of the car in front of me. He leaves the door open, and walks away to the left.  I wonder, what is he doing, why didn’t he close the door, what’s going to happen when the light turns green?

What would you think.  Would you get angry, because this could hold up traffic and you might be stuck there.  Or, would you stay calm and patiently await the outcome.

After nearly a minute of wondering and watching him walk slowly across two lanes, I now see him at the corner.   Wow, I now see him beginning to assist a blind woman with a cane cross the street.  He walks her all the way across four lanes, even as lights change, motioning for cars to wait.  Then he returns to the car and gets in.

What a powerful reminder of what it means to do for another.  He didn’t know her.  She didn’t ask for help.  Walking was a little difficult for him.  He wasn’t concerned about the cars behind him.  His only concern was helping another.

Everything happens for a reason.  She was presented to him so that he could do a good.  I was there to witness this act, so that  given the opportunity I would remember .  Those opportunities are presented to us all the time.

What can we learn from this

Be patient

Don’t assume or jump to conclusions

When presented with a similar opportunity, remember this man and follow his example

Being a witness to this true act of kindness is something I am grateful for.

Be Good Do Good Think Good


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  1. Crystal permalink
    August 5, 2019 9:44 pm

    I love this. In this fast paced world, people forget to take the time to be kind to one another. Kindness can make the world go round too.

    • Fred Fox permalink
      August 6, 2019 6:49 am

      Right you are!
      Thank You Crystal

  2. Cindy permalink
    August 5, 2019 10:51 am

    This is a great message Fred! A good reminder (especially for me) to have patience while driving.

  3. Jocko permalink
    July 30, 2019 10:46 am

    Dear Mr. Fox. Thank you. Not all of us would have had our hearts open and our minds clear enough to see this incident and make it a teaching parable. Zen Master on a spinning bike. Gassho,

  4. Catherine permalink
    July 30, 2019 8:14 am

    Beautiful Fred. Thank you for sharing.

  5. July 30, 2019 7:04 am

    Great story!

  6. beni permalink
    July 30, 2019 7:01 am

    Nice, a wonderful rewarding lesson.

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