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“It’s Complicated”

May 25, 2016

Or is it?  If it is, then why is it, or how did it get this way?

We often say or hear someone say, in describing their situation, “It’s Complicated”.  While it’s said about any and all of one’s situation, it’s probably most often said about personal relationships.

Is it really complicated, or is it complicated because we make it so?  Is it complicated because we allow ourselves to get in a complicated situation?  Do we create complication, consciously or un?

This is another case of what Kabbalah describes as “Head over Heart”.  Here the heart means our emotions, which are often reactive.  The head knows better, from learning and experience, yet we allow our emotional needs to overrule.

The head is above the heart, so that metaphorically the head should overrule the heart. The head represents the intellect that knows what is right to do. The heart represents the emotions which are often impulsive and when acted on alone send us off the path of our improvement and growth.

 “The heart is forever inexperienced.” – Henry David Thoreau

If you learn to pause and consider carefully what you are about to get into, you might save yourself.  Listen to your head, or some say your gut.  Do this often enough and eventually your head and heart will be in sync.  Important life decisions will then come easier and your life will be smoother.  You will no longer have to say “It’s Complicated”.

“Always put off til tomorrow what you shouldn’t do at all.” —   Morris Mandel

Heart and Soul

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  1. Carmen permalink
    May 25, 2016 6:40 am

    Heart and soul!

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