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A First Date and First impressions

December 4, 2014

In a recent post, “Assumptions and First Impressions”, we discussed the err of making and spreading evaluations of others based on first impressions and first impressions only.

Following up on that, here is an idea for those in the dating world looking for their soul mate.

If that applies to you, here is an idea for a little dating game.  This game will help you get a deeper and more meaningful first impression.


You are on a first date, let’s say having dinner.  Pick out another couple in the restaurant and ask your date to tell you a story about them.  Such as: Are they a couple?  Is it a first date or are they in a relationship or married?  Are they Happy?  What do they do?  etc., etc., etc.

Listen carefully to your date’s answer.  In addition to how creative and rich with detail the story is, is it positive or negative.  Is it kind or harsh.

The story created can tell you a great deal about your date.

If your date’s story is negative and dark, at a minimum be careful.

If your date’s story is positive and uplifting, then there are some good possibilities with this person.

Then, after listening to your date’s story telling, ask yourself (be Honest) if it is similar to the story you would tell.

If your date’s story was negative and your story matches that, don’t fool yourself and think you are a match.

If your dates story is positive and uplifting and it doesn’t match yours, quickly ask for another date.  That person is someone who can help you grow, if they’ll have you.  If not, at least you will hopefully learn something about yourself, and you will be a better date for someone else.

If your dates story is positive and yours matches …….  Mazel Tov!!!!

 Heart and Soul





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  1. December 9, 2014 4:02 pm

    I am back in the dating game so this was good to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on relationships and connections.

    • Fred Fox permalink
      December 10, 2014 10:30 am

      Thank you. I hope it helps

  2. Beni permalink
    December 8, 2014 11:39 am

    Great idea which I use in a different way by telling about some event/person/situation that touched me and listed to their reaction (more specifically I show them a picture of an old couple that I met on the bike trail to Tiburon sitting on a bench and holding hands without talking)

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