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Who Would You Rather Listen To?

April 9, 2014

Next week  the Jewish people will celebrate Passover.  Passover commemorates their Exodus from 210 years of slavery in Egypt.  Jews are commanded to constantly remember their slavery, to remember it as though they were there.  There are several very valuable lessons in doing this.  One of those valuable lessons of this remembering, is this – G-d freed the Jews so that they were no longer physical slaves, yet they were still slaves.  Now they were their own Pharaoh and the slavery was of the self-imposed spiritual and emotional variety.  Once physically free, it was up to them to free themselves spiritually and emotionally.

This lesson applies to all people who are blessed to live in freedom today.  This means that the only one who can free you now, is you.  It’s up to you to free yourself from your personal Egypt.

We all (some more, some less) hold ourselves back from climbing our mountain and we keep ourselves from becoming the person we were created and destined to become. We each have a Pharaoh inside our head that says to us “You can’t, You’re not good enough…..” (see the inner-speak series).  We also have a Moses inside of us that tells us “You can, You are good enough and more….. and listening to that voice can lead us to freedom.  A freedom that we can use to continually grow and improve.  Who would you rather listen to?  Who do you really, really believe?

“We suffer under the constraints of our habits simply because we had them yesterday.  We are slaves to ingrained pathways of our lives and our world; because we are too busy dusting the covers of our Book of Life to read its pages.” – The Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Heart and Soul


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  1. Steve H permalink
    April 9, 2014 8:16 am

    On point again! Having JUST let myself get caught up in why reality wasn’t what I wanted (over myself now!) This helped me remember that I decide which direction I’m heading on the mountain. Up or down ? Up.

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