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Heads Up

December 18, 2013

If you saw someone walking down the street with their head down, what would you think their state of mind is?  Is their head  just down, or is it reflective of their feeling down?  We know for sure that literally and metaphorically, they are not looking forward.  They are not seeing, or don’t want to see, that which lies ahead.  If they are feeling down, then by looking down, they will never see anything different or better.  This will cause their state of mind or situation to remain the same or get worse.  By looking up and forward, they can and will see something better, even if it’s just one person smiling at them.

Agreed?  If so, then pay attention to when you are walking by yourself, and notice whether you are looking down or ahead.  You may not even realize that your mood is down, so if you catch yourself looking down, let it be a reminder to check in with your current state of mind.

We can get two lessons here for the price of one:

1. If you notice that your head is down, then remind yourself to lift it up and look ahead.  Train yourself to do this no matter how heavy your head may feel.

2. When walking with your head up, smile at the person coming your way, even if they don’t see you, and that will lift or keep their head up.

Recently, I was on a walk and I noticed a couple coming my way.  It was a man and a woman, both about 80+ish.  They were walking with their arms around each others waist.  They looked so happy, so contented, and so much in love.  What a beautiful and inspiring sight that I wouldn’t have seen if my head was down.

If you are not looking forward now, you will be looking back later 

Heart and Soul

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  1. Steve permalink
    December 19, 2013 1:51 pm

    Reflection and introspection are valuable. Brooding and obsession are not. I’ve done both.
    I was told once to never let my rear view mirror block my view of the road.
    Best to you this holiday.

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