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A Day Worth Having

May 9, 2013

So you Jump Out Of Bed grateful and thankful for being given more of the most precious non-renewable commodity/resource of all….Time.  That is your caffeine before you have your coffee.  With that, your day should begin with you being excited about what and whatever lies ahead.  How can you use that time and excitement to ensure you have a day worth having?

Make two lists of “Things To Do”.  The first is a list of the routine “to do’s”.  The second is a list of the activities that will lead to your personal refinement and growth.  At the end of the day, review your lists.

There will be days when you may not have accomplished much or any of what is on your first list.  This will probably cause you some distress.  Then before you get too upset, review the second list.  If  that day you reached out to someone through charity, kindness, and compassion, then you will have accomplished much of what is or should be on your second list.  You can now count that day as a day worth having and all that distress should disappear.  Perhaps, a better strategy is to start by reviewing the second list first.

There are always opportunities to accomplish the overall goal of the second list.  If you don’t recognize an opportunity, then create one.

Here are some ideas for the second list

1. Call someone who you have difficulty calling because you may not know what to say to ease their pain, whether emotional or physical, or it’s hard for you to listen.  Just call.  All you have to say is “I’m thinking of you”.  Let them know that they matter.  You might be the only one who does.

2. Return a phone call that you would rather not.  The person you call back may not like the response they get from you, but they will like that they got responded to more than if not.

3. Give some charity

Please share some of your ideas of what should be on the second list

Heart and Soul


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  1. Steve H. permalink
    May 9, 2013 7:01 am

    pause and feel. slow down and really feel your body, your current mental “temperature”. Is this how you want to feel? Anxious, aggravated? Or content and grateful?
    Take on the next item on your list with your full attention

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