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The Gift

May 16, 2012

A seemingly small shift in our inner-speak or mindset can lead to big improvements in our lives.

There is a Jewish teaching that we are to think of ourselves as though the whole world was created for us. Not properly understood this could lead to a life focused on what we get from it, or a “life worth living”. Properly understood, it means remembering that we were created with and for a purpose.

We are a gift to the world when we remember that we were given the gift of life to be that gift. When we remember this we are constantly grateful. It is up to us to unwrap that gift by exploring our full potential so that all of its value is available to everyone else. When we do that we will have a “life worthy of living.”

“Our aim is not to be superhuman, but super humans.” — Rabbi Shraga Silverstein

“Everyone has a different purpose in the world, and everyone’s world differs in accordance with his purpose.” — Rabbi Shraga Silverstein

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