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April 16, 2012

We have all heard the expression “being in… or living in the moment”. Let’s make a seemingly small and semantic change and make it “living the moment”.

The gift of life is not just given to us every day; it is given and renewed with and in every moment. Why else would it be given to us if not to live it? That means being alive and available to everyone and everything in that very precious moment. Each moment is the most precious non-renewal commodity of all.

How often do we find ourselves spending those precious moments thinking “if this hadn’t happened”, “if this wasn’t happening”, or “if this does/doesn’t happen all will be good”? We are everywhere but here. Have you ever missed your exit on the highway because your mind is somewhere else? Bring your mind to where your body is, because you are where your mind is.

  “Every bit of time, every day that passes, is not just a day. It is a life’s concern” – Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 17

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is G-d’s gift…. that’s why they call it the present.” – Joan Rivers

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” – Emma Phillips

“Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action, and purpose.” – Lance Armstrong

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