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“Take One Step Forward”

February 8, 2012

Here is another very powerful message for all found in the Torah reading of last week (Beshalach – Exodus 13:17-17:16).

The Jewish people have been freed by Pharaoh and just a few days after marching in the desert, they find that Pharaoh has changed his mind and his soldiers are chasing after them. As they look ahead they see the Red Sea. They are now stuck with the Red Sea before them and the soldiers behind them. They are asking themselves, “Is this is what we were freed for, to die here in the desert?” Anxious and distraught they break up into four different camps of thought. One says,” Let’s dive into to the sea and drown ourselves rather than be killed by the soldiers. One says, “Let’s just surrender and go back.” One says, “I’d rather die fighting than go back.” One says, “Let’s pray.” They approach Moses and ask him which approach to take and he tells them he will ask G-d. G-d’s answer is simply “Tell them to just take one step forward.” We all know what happened next.

As we move towards realizing our dreams, goals, and purpose, there will be those times when we reach our Red Sea. When we are confronted with fear or doubt by obstacles placed in front of us, or placed there by us. It is at those moments when we must remind ourselves “Just take one step forward.” When we know of others in that situation, we can also remind them.

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