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Just Give Me Some Kind Of Sign

January 18, 2012

Sometimes the person taking a time-out (see yesterday) is waiting for a sign to get back in the game. There are signs given to you all the time. They come in many forms.

If you accept that everything happens for a reason, then get into the habit of asking yourself “what is the reason?” of a particular event or meeting a particular person.

Believing that the reason is always ultimately for the good, makes it easier for you to see the signs and make it into a good.  Of course, it begins with you really wanting to see the signs.

An elderly Jewish man was living in an area that was expecting a major hurricane with potential massive floods. The police drove through his neighborhood telling people to evacuate. The man refused claiming that he had been an observant Jew all his life and that G-d would take care of him. The floods started to come and now the police came in boats. Again he refused. The floods continued to rise and now he was sitting on the roof. This time the police came in helicopters. Again, he refused. Eventually he drowned. When he met his maker, he asked “why you would do this to me, why didn’t you save me?” G-d replied, “I sent you a police car, a boat, a helicopter…..”

“One who watches the wind will never sow, and one who keeps his eyes on the clouds will never reap.” – King Solomon Ecclesiastes

“Life’s not about waiting for the storms to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene

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