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Smile, Especially If Your Heart is Aching

December 13, 2011

It is said that our purpose in life can be found in that which we find the most difficult to do. If everything happens for a purpose, then we can find at least a spark of our purpose in everyone we come into contact with. Sometimes it can be as simple as giving a smile. Yet sometimes that is very hard to do because we have a case of “I don’t feel like it– itis”. That’s precisely the moment to smile. That person was presented to you to take you out of yourself and bring you back to others. Your smile could be the only ray of sunshine they have seen that day.

If you are having a case of “I don’t feel like it– itis” now, then sing along with me “Gray clouds are gonna clear up, put on a happy face…wipe off that mask and cheer up.. put on a happy face.. and spread sunshine all over the place…just put on a happy face..” from Bye, Bye Birdie

“If a smile doesn’t begin from your heart, let it begin at your lips and it will reach yours and others hearts. Do this enough times and the smile will eventually begin from your heart more and more.”

Adapted from “Life is a Test” by Esther Jungreis

An Oldie But Goodie originally sent 1/25/11

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