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More For Your Core

December 5, 2011

Without the strength, stability, and balance provided by our core we are at the mercy of the storm-tossed sea of life’s tests and challenges. We are like a ship without a rudder.  The knowledge of our core beliefs is always with us.  If we listen, we would hear our souls persistently speaking to us and guiding us to our true purpose.  The seas will still be storm-tossed but they will seem calm.   

Core Thoughts

“A man is only as good as what he loves”. – Saul Bellow

“We must seek the truth, like a lost child does his mother.” — Rabbinic saying

An Inspiring Poem

 The Waves of Life 

by Sarah Rosenfeld

Ride the waves of life my friend

Some high, some fierce, some with no end

But you’ll not be washed away by them

If you can ride the waves of life my friend

Weights may try to pull you down

Emotions full of pain

But hold on to a board

And ride the waves my friend

A board will keep you up above

The water deep and mean

And let you ride the waves of life

Ride the waves with ease

And what’s the board, this heaven sent

To hold on to in the sea?

This board my friend is nothing new

You had it all along with you

But you have to know it’s there before

You can use its strength to hold and more

The board my friend, is nothing new

It’s just the strength of the inner you

So ride the waves of life my friend

Ride the waves with ease

Let the water splash your face

Like grass sprinkled with dew

For you can still keep the pace

IF you hold on to the strength of the real you

And ride the waves of life

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