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High Anxiety

November 28, 2011

It is said that the true cause of anxiety, anger, depression, etc. (chemical and hormonal imbalances aside) is that the life one leads is not in sync with their soul/sole purpose. These maladies are caused by our struggle between two opposing forces within us. One that wants its wants and the one that needs what it is needed for.

We can have our wants, not just because we want them, but so they enable us to better attend to our needed for’s. When we are true to our true purpose, then the life we lead is in harmony with why we are here and what we are needed for.

 “Once you have found that which you are needed for you will have all that you need.”

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” – Unknown

“The difference between need and want is the difference between soul and ego.” – Rabbi Laibl Wolf

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