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Who Is Taller?

October 6, 2011

There were two young brothers ages eight and ten. The younger brother was the taller one. We all know, and men certainly remember that for boys height is really important. So naturally the older, shorter brother was very jealous of his younger, taller brother.  One day, while playing in the backyard the older, shorter brother pushed the younger, taller brother into a little ditch. This wasn’t done in order to hurt or knock him down, but rather to make him appear shorter. At which point the older, now looking taller brother gave a “Nah, nah, nehnahna, I’m taller than you!” Their father witnessed this and called over the older brother.  The Father told him to bring over a chair and stand on it.  The boy complied and then asked why he was standing on a chair and his father said,

“Whenever you want to be bigger, you raise yourself up, instead of pushing someone else down.”

This is from a true story that we can all store as a reminder for ourselves.*  In addition if we see another pushing someone else down, in any form, we might share this story with them as a subtle hint.

As we climb our mountain, we are elevating ourselves. Not at the expense of anyone else, but with and for everyone else’s benefit. On that climb we may also inspire others to have the strength to make their climb.

*This was adapted from a true story I read some years ago that really moved me.  I have no recollection of where I read it .  I wish to apologize for not giving proper credit to the true author.

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