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A Fulfilled Day

July 12, 2011

Too many of us go through our workday feeling unfulfilled. That feeling spills over to the rest of our day and can affect all of our relationships.

Go into the day believing you will come into contact with someone you know or just met whose life you can have a meaningful positive impact upon.  Pay close attention with a “listening heart” to all you come into contact with and it will happen.

You may never even know what you did and it doesn’t matter.  Thanks aren’t required, the reward is in the doing.

If at the end of the day you’re not sure it happened, give some (more) charity.

“A day of fulfillment is a day filled and full of purposefulness.”

“Life is not measured by the ticking of the clock, but rather by the beating of the heart.” – Aron Moss

Part of Why Not Now series

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