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Why Not Now

July 6, 2011

There is a new term “Encore Career”, which means – a second career, especially one with greater social impact and that provides more personal meaning.

Why do we have to wait to have an “Encore Career”? We can make our current career filled with social impact and personal meaning. If we infuse whatever our current career is with ethics, morality, kindness, respect, and dignity then we have it now.

Remember everyone we meet, our clients, customers, patients, co-workers, bosses, etc. is a “special needs”  person who has a special need to give to us and/or receive from us something special and vice-versa. They can’t wait and neither can you.

 “What you do for a living does not define who you are. How you do it does”.

“Don’t measure your self worth by your net worth”.

First in our Why Not Now series

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