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Keep Smiling

May 25, 2011

Someone asks you, “How are you?” Is your answer a) hanging in there b) Getting by c) not bad. Or is it, no matter how you may feel at that moment “great” or “fantastic”.

The attitude of RWA R=Ready W=Willing A=Able. The more you adopt that attitude in all circumstances the more it will become authentic. The more your day and your performance will be on the path of fulfilling your purpose.

In addition, you will affect and effect those around you who will also adopt that attitude, “etc. etc. etc” from The King and I. It’s just like a smile. You wear a smile and it wears you and all around you. Put a smile in your words.

 “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. – Phyllis Diller

Part of Attitude Or Gratitude series 

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