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April 6, 2011

You begin your day by being grateful. You’ve unwrapped your gift (see yesterdays post). Now to bring all of you, to all the day brings your way, think RWA.

R=Ready W=Willing A=Able

Ready – is from all the previous lessons given to you to train and prepare you.

Willing – is your choice, choose willing.

Able – it’s a given that you are, otherwise these challenges wouldn’t come to you.

Make this your mantra when you start the day and as challenges of any stripe come your way anytime. Say silently or out loud “I am RWA” (or say the words), and believe it.

R— “Good judgment comes from bad experience”.- Elderly wise person

W—“It’s choice, not chance that matters.”- Jean Nidetch, founder of WeightWatchers

A—“Imagine if a bird was unaware that its wings enabled it to fly.”- The Rebbe

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