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“This Too Is For The Good”

January 26, 2011

If everything happens for a reason then we should train ourselves to look for the good in whatever comes our way.

We have no control over what is on our mountain, we only have control over how we see it and respond. The challenges that come our way in whatever form are opportunities to find the best within us. They may not be what we want, but they are what we need to find and fulfill our purpose.

There was a great Rabbi Nachum Ish Gamzu, who said no matter what happened to him, “This too is for the good”. Developing and having that attitude will bring a more constant joy into your life. Developing and having that attitude is one of our greatest challenges.

“I broke my neck, it didn’t break me. I believe that my handicap will only enhance my ability to help others. I know that without the suffering, the growth that I have achieved would have been impossible.”
– Jerry Long, quadriplegic after a diving accident at 17, from “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Dr. Viktor Frankl

Part of our Perspective Builder series

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