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Uncertainty Of Life

June 8, 2011

Recent weather patterns and the state of the economy are reminders on a grand scale of the certainty of the uncertainty of life. Can we be prepared for uncertainty in our personal lives? Certainly, the answer is yes. The first step is to accept that all which comes our way is ultimately for us to find ourselves. A good athletic trainer constantly throws new drills at his athlete. How the athlete approaches those changes determines his improvement. We can choose to see the struggles presented to us as a wall or a hurdle. A hurdle can be jumped over. Training ourselves to jump the hurdles welcomes and makes the next one easier.

 “Adversity introduces man to himself”. — Unknown

“Life is a grindstone, whether it wears you down or polishes you up depends on what you are made of”. – Unknown

part of Don’t Predict Your Future, Just Be Prepared For It series

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