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We Are All “Special Needs” People

March 30, 2011
My Rabbi (he’s a real Rabbi) Hillel Scop and his wife Chana have seven children and one of them is a “special needs” child.  Chana has observed the extra patience that she has when dealing with this child.  From this she has learned to employ that same degree of patience and kindness with all of her children. This leads her to treat everyone she comes in contact with the same way.
If everyone has a purpose and everything happens for a reason then all of us are and have “special needs”.  Everyone that we come into contact with has a special need to give to us and/or receive from us something special and vice-versa.  We will find that which they need to give or receive from us by having a “listening heart”.

“Everyone has special needs. Some have obvious ‘handicaps’ and some have hidden challenges yet the journey is with one purpose in mind…growth.  G-d created people, each with individual needs. Each soul is special”.   Chana Scop

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